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13 September 2009 @ 03:11 am
In case you missed it, the Riddler is back on the scene and looks like he'll be helping Catwoman and Poison Ivy try to find Harley Quinn WHO is being seduced by Hush off-panel.

Though the sirens were barely on, being a big Riddler fan, I really enjoyed the issue and mwowr exposed chest. I liked how he was like BAHHH HARLEY ALWAYS RUNS AWAYS AND GOES TO THE JOKER AND SHE'S CRAZY BAHHHHH at the beginning when Catwoman was all BUT YOU'RE HER FRIEND. Then at the end, he changes his mind about helping the girls find Harley the inclusion of Bruce Wayne in the news report certainly helped change his mind.

So, who is psyched for the next issue? Thoughts? Cookies? FANS IN THE WOOD WORKS ASSEMBLE?