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the Riddler/Harley Quinn community for fics, artworks and everything else about this pairing.

• Be nice. No flaming. No ship bashing.
• You can post whatever you want: scans, fanarts, fanfictions, icons, graphics, fanvids, fanmixes, ship discussions--as long as Eddie/Harley is in it.
• Fanfiction, large images and more than three icons must be placed behind an LJ-cut or a fake cut.
• Tag all you entries, it's important to keep the community tidy.
• Any doubt? Ask!
• Enjoy!
• Spread the love ♥


batfic_contest: holds bi-weekly fan fiction contests for all Batman fandoms. Each contest will have its own theme and word count limit, alternating between drabbles (100-500 words) and oneshots (500+ words). Voting will take place to determine the winners, and banners will be awarded to display

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a_b_joker: A community for fans of DCU character Harleen Quinzel who prefer to see her fly solo

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